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Teaching Structure Area
This page is the starting point for browsing the information regarding the University’s teaching and for accessing the relevant on-line services; in order to access the system, you need to gain your own log-in credentials.

If you are already enrolled at the University of Pavia (or if you have been enrolled in the past), please select login and enter the username (Italian personal identification number, in capital letters) and password (in capital letters) you use for the University services, e.g. to connect to the WI-FI network etc.

If you have never been enrolled at the University of Pavia, please select Registration. You will be asked to enter your personal data. At the end of the procedure, you will be awarded a username and a password.

If you already have a username and a password but you forgot them, please follow the instructions you can find at the below web address: http://www.unipv.eu/on-line/Home/Navigaper/Studenti/documento4683.html.

Please enter Application form for incoming students